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Amazing Results

Generate complex reports/analytics quickly with simple clicks

GST Manager Main Software Dashboard Page

Awesome Design

Easy to use with great UI/UX Design For better performance

Local Accounting & Export-Import

Making Accounting Marvels !!

GST Manager allows you to perform Local Accounting, Export, Import, Consignment, Bank Loan, Cash Flow, Bank Payments, expenses tracking, FOREX transactions all under one roof. Multi-currency facility allows you to work with different countries.

  • Create GST invoices in seconds
  • Simple, Easy & reduced data entry
  • Automated Bank payments and Tax calculations with reminders

Inventory Management

Solution for all Inventory Needs !!

A Software that grows with you. Entire Stock transactions along labour cost tracker in just one click. Indepth, accurate and automated calculations for all data entries. Numerous & variant reports to get a glimpse of complete stock transactions with efficient reporting.

  • Real Time Inventory valuation
  • Stock Adjustments with tracker
  • Collaboration with different branches

Manufacturing Process Control

Redefining Manufacturing !!

Complete Manufacturing package for maintaining from raw material to processed items. Easy flow of data within the branches and get complete control over entire stock manufacturing process. Easy and simple method for stock Adjustments as per your operating principle.

  • Better Productivity by less efforts
  • Improved Stock Manganament (ITC-04 Reports)
  • Integration with Accounting & Inventory Package

GST Ready Package

No worries, no fuss, leave calculations to us !!

As the name suggest get all your GST data (GSTR-1 / GSTR-2A, GSTR-3B) , reports & invoices automatically in your hand. Excel and PDF reports which covers entire domain of reports from GSTR to Tax invoices. Compatible, portable, evolutionary reports for all your needs.

  • All Integrated GST Reports
  • Get all reports in just one click
  • As per Indian Government Standards

Reporting Highlights

You name it, we've it !!

Get all your accounting, Inventory, Manufacturing, GST related more than 85+ reports in matter of seconds. Indepth and wide range of reports helps you to get your work done quickly and efficiently without any extra work. Enjoy the power of customised reports according to your requirements.

  • Insightful and interactive dashboard
  • Password protected Excel reports & PDF invoices
  • Accurate, Auto-Scheduled accounting, inventory reports

Security Highlights

Security isn't a slogan. It's a way of life !!

We provides highest level of security in terms of data, transactions and reporting. It provides protected reports & invoices, encrypted data transfer, secured OTP login, strong passwords facilities, error free data entry in one single package.

  • Safe & Protected OTP login
  • Integrated with User access levels
  • 3 Level Automated Backup system
  • E-Sanchit Compatible Reports (1-MB Size)
  • GST invoices in PDF/A format (ISO 19005-2)
  • Password Protected PDF Report For Sharing
  • 85+ Reports in one click
  • Multi-Branch Combined Report
  • Auto-Scheduled Accounting, Invenotory Reports

Perfect For Today. Ready For Tomorrow.

At GST Manager, we are aware that creating client-oriented software takes a mixture of technical excellence and clear communication and our firm do only the very best to ensure you receive the both.

Multi Branch Support

Easy to collaborate with your branches across India with integrated reports & updates within simple clicks. Work Effortlessly and transiently with all your stock transactions

Cloud Technology

Cloud provide easy accessibility to any device with synchronization of your work. Work on Any device, anytime , anywhere.

GST Manager Dashboard Charts Details

Security Features

Security is our 1st priority, We provide OTP Login to each user, which prevents any un-authorized access to your system. 3 Level data backups, encrypted data transfer, different user access levels which takes security to highest level.

Fully Customizable

Listening to you, and answering with software. Fully customizable to your business, with all modular design allows 0 downtime which gives uninturrepted service.

Our Special Features

Acc. & Export Highlights

  • Local Trading with auto tax calculations
  • Bank Payments (Bill to Bill & Bulk entry)
  • Advanced Journal Vouchers entry
  • Export, SEZ, DEEM, DDA Sale & Purchase
  • Normal, Adv. & Bill Discounting Payments
  • Auto FOREX Transactions cal. entry
  • Multi. Booking entry in single window
  • Auto currency conversions in all entry
  • Consignment export and stock tracker
  • Book, Utilise & cancel Forward Contracts
  • Book & receive Bank loan & Facility

Inventory & Mfg. Highlights

  • Branch Stock Issue & Receive tracker
  • Labour Expenses tracker with TDS cal.
  • Branch Stock transfer tracker & notification
  • Distribution of items under Mfg. processing
  • Spl. stock tracker for Manufacturing Unit
  • Integrated Accounting & Inventory reports
  • Stock On Hand Summary in one click
  • ITC-04 report for JobWork transactions
  • Stock inflow and outflow management
  • 16+ variants of Stock Book Report
  • Delivery Challan & Labour Bill in PDF Format

Reporting Highlights

  • Password protected Invoices with QR Code
  • All Export related docs. in one click (9+ doc)
  • GSTR-1 / 2A / 3B in one click
  • GST Tax report with 27+ sectional report
  • Auto Bank Reconciliation report
  • Outstanding Acc. Report in one click
  • Customised Schedule-wise Balancesheet
  • Default P & L, Trading, Balancesheet
  • 8+ variants of Trial Balance reports
  • Receivables & Loan Recovery Report
  • Combined Branch Reports For Finalization

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